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Porotiti — Design One

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Measurement: Size (mm): 87 H x 37 W

Introducing our new porotiti — the magical musical spinner! This gorgeous hand crafted instrument is the perfect way to create your own soothing and beautiful songs.

The Porotiti is made with mahogany wood and is designed in an oval disc shape. A cord goes through two off-centred holes, which you loop around your hands then twirl gently to get the disc spinning. Alternate pressure applied to the cord will allow for a humming sound to be produced. Release the pressure and relax the cord each time it unwinds, and the Porotiti will begin to sing its own unique tune! If you're feeling brave, blow on it while it is spinning and experiment from different angles to see what sounds you can create.

The design of this musical masterpiece features Ngā Hau e Whā, or ‘the four winds’ – an ancient Maori symbol said to carry one’s wishes on a gentle breeze. With this special item, you can create heartfelt music that conveys your thoughts and intentions out into the world. 

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